Saturday, August 7, 2010

That Girl Update, odds and ends

I've been plugging away on my That Girl summer jacket. I've made a few modifications using this post. I decided to do the collarless version, with buttons all the way down the front and the cap sleeve variation.
The Cotton Linen blend yarn that I'm using is really nice and light. I think it will be a joy to wear for the rest of the summer. The stitches are on the loose side with the size 7 needles I'm using so I would probably use a 5 or 6 next time. I like my knits just a little more structured and tight. I found some great blue fabric for the buttons and can't wait to get this all put together and put on.

I also got a knit picks order in this week. Lots of exciting things for Christmas projects and a few things for myself. Ever since I've made that cowl from a few weeks ago I've been dreaming up cowl patterns to make for myself. I've got some beautiful sweet potato orange yarn that I can't wait to get my needles on.

Mostly I've just been working on all my knitting and watching the sunlight through my living room windows. Not such a bad view, I could do this for awhile.

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  1. Girl! Why didn't you tell me you have a blog?! Clue a girl in!