Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shepard's Harvest

Last month I headed out to our local fiber festival, Shepard's Harvest. A quick drive from the cities it's wonderful to get out of the city and see wares from all around the Midwest.


 There's quite a few animal barns where farmers can bring their animals to be judged as well as sheered. I enjoyed seeing the Llamas. I love how inquisitive they look with their long necks and they way they cock their heads at you, it seems like they always have a question on their minds.

These lambs were only a few months old and ADORABLE.

It was a little difficult to not try and take one of these little buddies home! Although I think the challenges of urban lamb raising are a little beyond my capabilities currently.

I did pick up a few skeins of Quince and Co which I have been wanting to try for awhile now. The blue and pink skein are hopefully going to become a hat and the pale blue to the left is already in the process of becoming a baby sweater.

I also got a few raw fibers as I'm going to try my hand at spinning soon. More on those goodies soon.