Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

FO: Pity Party Socks

You may remember these from my sad sad story about losing my hat on the bus and trying to cheer myself up with a pair of socks. Imagine my heart break when I knit these socks too big for my tiny feet.

Luckily my mom had a birthday coming up so she was the lovely recipient of a pair of cushy hand knit socks.

I love how this yarn knits up! You're just knitting stockinette so it does all the work for you! It's also great motivation to keep knitting and see what pops up next. I still have a few balls of this left in my stash so I'm excited to make some for myself that actually fit. In addition after many size related issues (what do you mean I forgot to write my stitch count down?!) I'm trying my hand at two at a time knit socks soon. So keep an eye out for some soooccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssss!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delancey Knit Along: Week 6

For the next three weeks we're going to be working the sleeves. The construction of these sleeves like most of the sweater is a little unusual. You pick up stitches around the sleeve and work short rows to create a "cap" for you shoulder to slip into. Then you knit the sleeve down pretty normally, working your stripes as you go and decreasing along the way.

I have really short arms and so even though I've finished most of my first sleeve I didn't even complete the full section of decreases. I'm could only fit 3 stripe repeats in and am going to get some creative fudging going on before I go into the cuff. I don't them to be too loose so I'm probably going to decrease down a bunch more stitches than what the pattern calls for and also knit the cuffs in a smaller needle size to tighten them up a little more.

I love that I can try it on as I go and I'm so excited that I almost have most of a real sweater!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delancey Knit Along: Week 5

This week was a rest week. A chance to get caught up, work on other projects or get a head start if you so like. I bet you guys could guess what I did... Well if it was start 18 billion new projects (Okay, 4) then you would be right. I was planning on weaving in all the ends from those adorable stripes but instead I just got the shoulders seamed.

It's a pretty sexy vest. The good news is I did block it out and was worried about how much it had grown and how light the fabric felt/how lose the gauge was. But once I let it dry and I tried it on, the length is looking good. I'm still a little worried about it getting "pulled down" or stretch out once I get the whole thing put together, but I had a great tip through the forum that super wash yarn (which I'm using) does well in the dryer after blocking. So I'll be trying that for sure once I block the whole thing.

The next two weeks have us working on the sleeves. I'm excited but let's see if I can put down my other 18 billion projects.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delancey Knit Along: Week 4

The goal this week was to finish up the body. I also gave my Delancey a little bath to straighten everything out before I seam up the shoulders.

Lookin' Pretty Fine! I'll be using the rest week of Week 5 to weave in all those pesky ends and seam that puppy up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Delancey Knit Along: Week 3

My post is a little late this week because I've been so busy working on other projects Delancey took kind of a back seat. I also was nervous about separating for the arm holes. It's a lot of row counting to keep track of and depending on what size your knitting your instructions jump around in the pattern. Finally I sat down with my highlighter, planned my route through the pattern and got started. I'm sorry I put it off for so long because once I started in, it really wasn't that hard. This week it even started to look like a sweater.

I'm done with the right front, about half way done with the back and then it's on to the left front. I'm just a touch behind of the week four goal (to have the body complete) but we have a rest week next week so I'm sure I'll catch up in no time. This sweater has been such a breeze to knit. It's simple enough but so engaging because of the construction.