Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yarn Garage

On my trip home to Minneapolis my mother and I decided that the time had come to visit the yarn garage.

Located on 35th and Chicago, a mere four blocks away from my parents house it is exactly what it's name implies. A garage sized space FILLED with yarn.

It's literally wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Almost what yarn dreams are made of.

There are knit items EVERYWHERE. Tons of sweaters, sample projects, knit art projects. All kinds of crazy stuff.

My favorite was this knit wedding cake (!!!) Madness of knitting!

I also loved this alpaca, adorned in knit wear, welcoming you when you walk in. There was a class/meet going on when we were there. I got to meet Steven Be. Everyone there was so friendly and so helpful. Definitely one of the most inviting yarn shop/workshops I've ever been to. If your around Minneapolis be sure to stop in sometime, it's a yarn adventure!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fiona's Two Boyfriends

I just got back tonight from nice little jaunt to Minneapolis to visit my family. It was great to see everyone and I was able to hand out some very very belated holiday gifts.

For my sister Fiona I knit up the Two Boyfriends Cardigan by Allyson, over at The Sweatshop of Love. One of her original designs it is a simple and easy to knit top down over sized cardigan but she keeps it fresh and fun by having each side a different color. A favorite color for each of your boyfriends. get it?

The stripes and color combo look like they were designed for Fiona. Just her style! I love the pockets and the buttons. I found the button's at Steven B's Yarn Garage which I visited with my mom and will post about next time. It was really fun, just like those buttons!

I've never made something that was so perfectly fit for the person. I wasn't so sure about it as I was packing it up to take but the moment she put it on it fit her perfectly and was so her style. She even loved that I had used blue and orange stripes on the pockets (I had run out of brown yarn).

I also gave my dad his "turtle" as he calls them. Essentially a cowl. A nice neck warmer for those Minnesotan winters.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seflish Knitting

It's been a busy month around here without any internet access. Luckily my frown is getting turned upside down by my new internet connection! It took AT&T 10 days longer than they should have and I spent a combined total of two hours on the phone but it is finally working.

The good news about being on hold is that you can get lots of knitting done with your phone on speaker.
This week I started and finished my sleeves for my beatnik sweater.
I'm using Allyson's method of knitting two sleeves at once. It helps them fly by faster and keeps the mistakes the same on both. I am notoriously bad at counting rows so knitting them together means they are always the same exact size.

 I'm trying to keep on with the body of my sweater but I've gotten a little discouraged, I've got the shoulder shaping on the back to finish and then the entire front.

I'm taking the beloved mega bus up to Minnesota this weekend so I'm going to have lots of time to finish up my body and seem my sleeves into my sweater. After that I just have the collar to do. There is a slim chance I might finish in time with everyone else!! But I'm not holding my breath, it's more important to finish than to finish it in time with everyone else.

I've got a few more projects sitting around on my needles that I'll try to get up here in the next few weeks and once my (very belated) Christmas gifts for my family once I've finally distributed them.