Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Everything that I've been getting my hands on recently has been a cotton or a cotton blend. I don't know what it is but I'm just hooked on the soft cuddly feel. I know that as it starts to get colder( it is Chicago after all, it doesn't take to long around here) I'll be moving into warmer fabrics but right now all i want to do is knit light and airy items.

I've been plugging away on my Traverse City Tube Top for the past couple days. Hopefully I can finish it in time to wear it in some of our last summer weather. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of August to count as my August sweater for Knit a Sweater a Month Challenge. Making my Dollar and Half Cardigan was such a blast that I decided to try and knit a sweater each month until the end of the year (and beyond...? probably) So far I'm doing alright and I've got tons of projects lined up.

I'm loving the color of this project and the yarn is so soft and cuddly. I totally messed up the first two rows of the charted pattern and instead of pulling them back out or knitting back (LAZY) I just started over. I've also made some mistakes and doubled rows, jumping back in the pattern. It looks a little funky but I'm not too worried about it. I just gotta keep knitting forward. I have learned from this experience that I have problems following charted patterns with my usual knitting habits- on the bus, watching TV, talking etc. I have to stay very very focused, but hopefully once I get a little more practice it will get better.

I've also been working on some Christmas presents as well and making some cowls. Always simple but classic I have a feeling the cowl and I will be having a great relationship this season. It works up so simply and can be used by men or women plus it keeps you warm!

This yarn was actually purchased with a special someone in mind and although the lace pattern I've put into it has faced some challenges (mostly my inability to count) it's turning out really nicely and I think will be great to wear through the winter and the spring. This was knit using the Knit Picks Cotton Shine which is blend of cotton and natural beach wood fiber. I love the drape and sheen of it, it is such a comfortable but luxurious feeling fiber.

I just got in a double order of yarn so I've got lots and lots of projects to get started on. I'm off to make a list of what needs to come first so I can free up the right sets of needles. Or maybe I should just buy some new needles- it's so hard for me to wait sometimes.

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  1. That tube top looks awesome! I'm sure that the mistakes won't show up at all. It's a pretty forgiving pattern! Can't wait to see it!