Friday, August 17, 2012

The things we hold

  train tracks at dusk.

Each time I've thought about posting here and coming back after this long absence I've let something stop me. Sometimes it's been legitimate things (no, I really think you should be working at work) but more often then not, it's been fear.

We all have lots of fears in life, some valid, some not. But I found what I was most afraid of was the idea that I had to explain WHY I hadn't been here, or to some how justify my lapse in blogging. I was afriad that I had to start it on just the right note. No, I should start with a Sunday Snapshot. I should start with a new project. I should start with a recap. I should start from the beginning of it all.

and then I stopped and realized that this is MY blog. and I can do whatever the fuck I want. and that feels great to realize, and great to say. So often we (me?) get caught up in thinking what other people are perceiving instead of realizing that WE are the ones in charge. (and I'm convinced people are not paying as much attention to us as we think they must be) So, I'm doing it this way. Jumping in with both feet.

Things will also be changing and you'll see a lot of that around here in the next few months (my gut and calendar tell me) But I've got lots of projects that I've worked on and haven't shared here and lots of new things itching to get on my needles.

I'm headed up to Michigan this weekend to style a photo shoot, do a little amateur modeling and hang out with some babies and puppies (and lots of yarn!). So look forward to seeing some adorableness in the near future!