Monday, August 23, 2010

New York

Even though I dragged my computer all the way to New York with me I didn't get around to updating at all. I was just too busy having fun EATING

Alhtough I did spend very little time knitting I did spend a lot of time doing my second favorite activity. EATING.

First stop on the New York eats tour: Milk Bar. Home to my favorite cookie of all time: Corn Flake, Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow.  If you're only going to eat one thing in New York, let it be this.

Milk Bar is the bakery attachment of the famed Momfuku restaurant. Where my bff, Kat and I had lunch. We order the prix fixed menu, more than enough food for two people. The entire meal was delicious but the star of the show was the dessert.

An ice cream pie consisting of sweat corn ice cream, a pretzel crust and fresh berries. Yum. 

Next up on the New York list: Pie's and Thigh's in Willimsburg, Brooklyn

A celebration of pies and fried chicken (thighs!) As a vegitarian I keep coming back for the delicious sides. Their honey butter on their biscuts doesn't hurt either. Kat opted for the big salad, a beautiful mix of black eyed peas, shreaded carrots, cabbage, avacado and hard boiled egg. Ahhh-mazing. srsly.

Our bounty/The last super

Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of our pies before we gobbled them up but after much research the Banana cream reigns supreme. Followed closely by the rhubarb pie.

Another Perk of New York City, Make your own frozen yogurt! Lauren took me for this delightful treat after my disappointing experience (grainy) with Eskimix.

Although this seems like the tour of sweets no trip to New York would be complete with out a visit to my beloved and delicious (!!) Shake Shack

The best cheader cheese fries of your life followed closely by a 'shroom burger. Cheese stuffed, battered, deep fried portabello mushroom sandwiched in a delicious bun topped with lettuce and tomato.

Although I was unhappy to leave New York I think that my arteries will be thanking me. I'll be back with some knitting updates soon. I've been working on some fun stuff and have a knitting list about a mile long.

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