Monday, July 26, 2010

Inside Out Cowl

Even though its the  middle of summer and over 90 almost everyday here in Chicago I know that in no time at all it will be crisp and cool. I've kind of become obsessed with the cowl in the past year so this pattern has been on my list for a few months now. The original is knit in a soft baby alpaca yarn and it has a wonderful drape and hang to it. When I was in Joanns a few days ago I stumbled upon a wonderful shade of blue in an eco wool (made partly out of post consumer recycle materials). When I came home I decided to get cracking on this:
The pattern calls for you to purl for ten rows and then knit two but I'm too lazy to purl for that many so I knit it inside out. As I was working on it I realized, hey I could wear this either way.


or out!

and in the case of windy weather, it will make a great hood. 
serious business. seriously. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that as cute as this is it may make its way onto someones holiday gift list. That decision might also be influenced by two skeins of a beautiful light blue I also bought and really, I could use an even longer hood, this is Chicago after all.

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  1. My you have been busy! What fun. What great handi-work.