Saturday, August 28, 2010


It  seems I only just got back in Chicago before I've headed back out on the open road. I'm already up in Minnesota visiting my family and going to the famed Minnesota State Fair.

With only five days back in Chicago I managed to squeeze in a visit from our touring Seattle friends, Unnatural Helpers. (that's their van up there) Some great eats and a few minuets of knitting stuck in between.

Lauren of New York fame was able to fly out and join us for the show so before she jetted off back to New York we swung by Xoco, beautiful brain child of Chicago (the world) phenomena Rick Bayless.

This is easily one of my favorite restaurants to date. the food was delicious and fresh and the service was impeccable and friendly. 

Besides a complete menu of sandwhichs and soups there was delectable Aqua Frescas avalibible.
I had the Watermelon Lime while Lauren partook in the Hibiscus and Lemongrass. Both delightful, crisp, refreshing and delightfully concocted.

Sealing the deal for me? The option of complimentary self serve sparkling water. It was the small details and thoughtfulness (accompanying dish of limes) that really made this such a great experience  over all. As someone who is seriously considering purchasing a personal seltzer machine this was like finding my mecca.

Lauren of New York fame.

Overall it was a delicious meal during a quick jaunt home. Minneapolis has been embracing me in its familial bossom and I hate to leave it so soon but I'll be back in Chicago and settling into school soon enough. Also, we're driving our new car back so I'll have a whole 4-6 hours of knitting time to hammer some projects out.

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