Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Great Minnesotan Get Together

In Minnesota there are plenty of things to do during the summer but the one to top them all?
The State Fair.

When I explain the state fair to people of non minnesotan persuasion they go "oh yeah, I've been to fairs before, they're kind of cool. With their rides and popcorn and hot dogs and stuff" I of course can only scoff and say, but you don't understand, does your fair have....

The largest boar in the state?

A giant slide?

Or a Sky Glider that traverses the permanent fair grounds?

David is impressed!

The state fair is also home to my favorite booth ever. You may ask, is it the famed Sweet Martha's cookies? The milk booth (all you can drink milk for $1), maybe it's the deep fried candy bar on a stick?

If you answered the Culligan booth you are CORRECT!! What's better than free water? Especially when it comes in cute little cups dispensed from a bubbly machine? Refreshing after you've been walking around the hot dusty fair all day, no?

Other high lights from my day at the fair include breakfast cupcakes with my nephew

Checking out some sweet award winning jams and jellies

Taking a little dawdle in the arts and craft (knitting?!) building.

I loved the intricate detail on this BEE (!!) sweater.

Also notable:
Award winning hamburgers

After all the excitement with arts and farts we decided to enjoy a river raft ride

(note: I do not actually know anyone depicted in this photo and yes, my husband called me a creep for taking it)

Such an exciting day! I can't wait until next year when I can once again stuff my face with sweet spun sugar. Until we meet again next year my sweet get-together.

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