Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweater Progress

It is amazing to me that I have managed to turn this
into this
I only have about 5 more inches to knit on the body. At the recommendation of Allyson I cast on the back and the two sides together. It eliminates the need to seem the body together (I hate seeming) and also ensures that my patterns are continuous (as I am also very bad at counting rows). I love the ease of just knitting one big piece and think I will use this method quite a bit in the future.

The sleeves I am knitting simultaneously again at Allyson's recommendation, shes full of such useful tips and tricks!
I have about 5 more inches to knit on these and then the shaping for the tops takes place.

After the few inches I have left for the body and the selves I just have to go through and knit the front panel with button holes and attach my fabric covered buttons. I've already found the cutest material for my buttons.
It has little squirrels and foxes on it. Adorable detail and I love the way it looks with my creme brulee color. It's going to be hard not to make more projects out of this color I just love it!

I had my last day of summer school classes yesterday and I only have two more weeks of online classes so I should be able to find lots of time to finish this baby up quickly. I can't wait to wear it around! I have a feeling it is going to be a staple in my wardrobe this fall.

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