Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nautical Nights

I just couldn't help myself and started on a new project already. My sweater is still sitting snugly in the corner just waiting for me to pick up and start it again. Unfortunately I think I've knit the sleeves too long. So I'm getting a second opinion tonight and we'll see if I have to frog a few inches. Either way I've got a great new project taking up some space in my mind.

My mother in law is a huge fan of light houses. So much so that when she took a trip to main with my husband when he was 14 they took a light house tour of the state. This lead my husband to hate lighthouses- even the mention of them and continued to fuel my mother in laws love of their nautical presence. Combining her love of the nautical with her love of home furnishings I've decided to make her a crocheted blanket for Christmas.

I have to admit I gave myself a little pat on the back for starting my Christmas list so early this year. Hopefully there will be very little last minuet frantic knitting on my behalf. A stark contrast to last year as I knit 4 hats in the airport during our 6 hour delay on Christmas Eve. But, this year- it's a whole new ball game. I've got lists and charts and all kinds of motivation. It is going to be spectacular.

I know that I'm going to hate myself for not weaving in all those ends as I go but for now I'm riding the wave of my out of school, sunshine, summer motivation. Here's hoping that I can translate that to my dollar and a half cardigan and finish it by next week.


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