Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blankets Galore!

Continuing with my blanket trend I've been working on my husbands blanket as well. I originally started it as a blanket for my mom but when he gave me the pouty face and told me I never make him anything it quickly morphed into a blanket for our house.

Originally I just started with the teal and green squares
my mamas power colors.

but when I realized it would reside in our house I knew it needed a little something more so I added the red and yellow squares to alternate with.
much more exciting.

I decided to add the white borders to allow the colors to really pop out more and I'll use the white to connect them all together as well. I'm very excitted with how its looking so far and I only have a two or three more rows to go before I start putting it all together. 

Again, I know I'm going to feel like killing myself when I have to weave in all those ends but I'm always in such a rush to start the next one. Not too shabby for learning to crochet a month ago.

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