Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone!! I celebrated a little early this year with Allyson and PT coming into town last weekend it was just too much fun to pass up. After Allyson and I got our full of yarn at Vogue Knitting Live we headed down to Pilsen to dance around to Dj HaHa's jams.

I kept things simple this year. Meowing as I burgle. I was a cat burglar. I was really happy for my warm black vest, hat and pants in this chilly fall weather!

PT joined me as a partner in crime. (tweedle dee and tweedle dum kept us company) 

Ann joined the party with a plus one. 
(a side note, that is a roll of batting, not a baby, don't be alarmed!)

Some of my favorite costumes from the party:

Children's Hospital

Santa gets jiggy with it

Lobster on roller blades. 

We had a blast dancing it up and the best part? We managed to snag the cow boy cab home, all decked out in Halloween decorations.

There was even a candy dish. (someone knows the way to my heart!)

It was  a Halloween miracle. I hope everyone has a safe and fun night!! Happy Halloween!!

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