Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cleveland: Part Three

This is my last post about Cleveland which includes my favorite part of the trip (and any trip let's be honest) , FOOD.

The food in Cleveland was delightful. I was on vacation and I took full advantage of it.

Corky & Lenny's is my grandmothers favorite deli.

and for good reason. Oh, I'm sorry, You DON'T like corned beef in between your latkes?!

Lunch with the Ladies 

When my mom came into town we stopped right at Melt ( a grilled cheese restaurant!!!) after the airport. As a lady who takes her grilled cheese very seriously I was not disappointed.

there's a pierogi in there. A PIEROGI IN MY GRILLED CHEESE.

My aunt Kate originally had a Dobos Torte at her wedding so she found a bakery in Cleveland that makes Dobos Tortes.

I liked their cookie jar collection! 

This tarte was out of this world


On my last day in town we stopped by Tommy's

Grandma has a milk shake

ice cold.

My cousin was kind enough to make us Orange Rolls (a Ubbelohde tradition) our last morning there.
I had such a great time getting out of Chicago for a little bit and spending some time with my family. And that food! All that food! 

I'm not a Dr. Who fan (in fact, I've never seen an episode) But I'll leave you a picture of the TARDIS my 12 year old cousin built with her dad.

Things have been busy here in Chicago and I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend at Vogue Knitting Live so I'll be writing about that as soon as I get my million+ pictures all sorted.

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