Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Long Drive

I spent the last weekend in Minneapolis taking some pictures for the Holla Knits photo shoot. I'm so excited for this all and can't believe it's all going live in less than a week!

 photo shoot supplies

Besides being where Allyson currently lives Minneapolis is also my home town so I got to spend some time with some pretty great people.



cousin, new puppy, and brother
a girl and her unicorn
I even managed to get some knitting done while I was there. Casting on for this cowl and getting about half way done with it. I'm using Brava from Knit Picks. It's really soft and will be easy to care for, which is good because I see this getting a lot of use around here!



  1. Fun! Also I love that you're making that cowl. I lurve that pattern, but I doubt it'd be good for California weather. Maybe in cotton?

    1. Maybe with lace or fingering weight held double? and a slightly smaller needle size? It would be super breezy and comfy in California. Or you could just make it and save it for your MI/IL trips!