Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day Two

Photography Challenge Day!
Today challenges you to be creative with your photography, and get yourself in with the chance to win the photography prize. Taking interesting photographs in this instance isn't about flashy cameras or a great deal of technical know-how, it's about setting up a story or scene in a photograph and capturing something imaginative. Your photograph(s) should feature something related to your craft, so that might be either a knitted or crocheted item, yarn, or one of your craft tools. One example of setting a scene would be to photograph a girl in a knitted red cape walking through the woodlands with a basket of goodies, as in the Red Riding Hood tale, or you might photograph a knitted gnome hiding among the flowers in your garden. Photo editing is permitted for competition photos. Here are a few examples of my own photographs to illustrate an imaginative use of photography, but you can do much better than these...

Mulling over today's prompt I realized that although I'd call myself creative in many ways, staged photography isn't really one of my strong suits.

Instead I'll show you this adorable "scene" from many months ago.

teeny tiny mochi. This was taken at a lovely wine included knit night right before the holidays. and thus I present you. The nativity scene with a chicken as baby Jesus and two gnomes as Joesph and Mary. If that isn't creative photography, then I just don't know what is.

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