Saturday, June 4, 2011

easy living, summer time edition

switching jobs for me means that I no longer have to work weekends. This is very exitting especially as we move into summer, it not only leaves more time for crafting but more time for RELAXING as well.

it goes with out saying that I am very excited!!

To celebrate I went out to visit my friend Maggie (check her out here at Chrohn's Chronicles) who was house sitting for her aunt and uncle in Naperville. I took this opportunity to do something I can't at my apartment.

take a bath!

As an unfortunate shower only apartment dweller I don't get many chances to take baths.

With a spread laid out like this waiting for me

it almost felt like I was at a spa.

There was some knitting that went on, I swear! But I'm going to update all about my first week of our Summer Sweat Shop of Love Knit Along later.

because really, when you start your day like this:

nothing else matters.

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