Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy, Donations

Well, contrary to my best intentions I haven't made it over here very often and have sorely lacked the time or will to actually make a post. So, we have lots and lots to catch up on. It's my goal to post at least twice this week- here's hoping my homework schedule will cooperate with these ambitions.

Before all of the madness started around here I did have some time to knit up a few pieces for a donation to a silent auction to my high school.

A stash busting hat knit in lambs wool pride worsted (one of my favorites). 

And a little pattern that I've working on/trying to figure out for a beautiful textured cowl. 

I love the way that the pattern pops out but there are definitely some alterations I will make next time around in the fit and transitions. I'm excited to get working on my next one but unfortunately there a quite a few big projects in the works right now and that pesky holiday list is creeping up closer and closer so it will probably be awhile before I really get to work the kinks out of this all.  But for a first shot in the dark at making a pattern up on my own, I don't think its too bad.

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