Friday, March 21, 2014

Wedding Gift FO: Quilted Placemats

Last summer I was lucky enough to attend my friend Tara and (her now) husband Mike's wedding in Chicago.

As a fellow crafter I knew Tara would appreciate a handmade gift and I wanted to make something they could both use. Following this tutorial I made them a set of patchwork place mats.

Now I got a sewing machine a few years ago but this is the first larger project I've completed on it myself. I grew up watching my mother sew but I still feel like an absolute beginner in so many ways.

I also am not that precise in my crafting, when I make a mistake while knitting I'll only knit back and re-do it if it's absolutely necessary. When you're measuring and cutting fabric precision is a much better friend than a "whatever it works" attitude.

I'm happy to say these came out wonderfully. I love that they look homemade but still functional and usable. The tutorial was really easy to follow and I would recommend it for anyone who's looking for a place to start sewing. 

I love how great the front fabrics look together (yellow and gray, you get me every time) but I decided to back them in different colors and patterns, which gives them a fun reversible flair. 

The best part about all of this although it's taken me a LONG time to write about these here, I actually mailed them to the lucky couple two months after the wedding. I know traditionally you have a year to give gifts after a wedding, but with my track record of time keeping I think the earlier the better. 

I've been going crazy pinning sewing patterns these days and as it stops being one billion degrees below zero here in Minnesota I'm hoping to dive into some more sewing projects. 

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