Monday, January 7, 2013


I didn't think that I had knit that much this year. It felt like real life kept getting in the way of my crafting goals this year so I was surprised by most of these numbers when I sat down and actually added them up.

In 2012 I knit:

6 adult garments
2 baby sweaters
1 baby blanket
7 hats
4 scarves/shawls
4 pairs of mitts/arm warmers
1 pair of socks

For a total of 25 knit items.

Today is my birthday. I turn 27, it's at the time where logically, I know I'm not old but the reality of the time I have spent in my life is looming in front of me. It feels difficult to plan and look forward when all I want to do is look back and figure how I've gotten where I am today. But I know I need to be patient and kind to myself and let myself realize that I will not wake up with these answers one magical morning.

So when I think about my knitting and crafting goals for 2013 I'm inclined to keep it on the simple side. I was shocked to realize that I made 6 adult garment without even really trying. I was published in two issues of Holla Knits. Which was an amazing, challenging, rewarding, awesome experience. and I don't think I'm done designing yet. But I have to remind myself to be patient, and let it unfold in front of me. I've discovered that if I don't let myself experience and be where I am and instead push forward doing something because I "should" do it, I won't enjoy it. and I knit mostly because I ENJOY it. So keeping that in mind here are my crafting goals for 2013:

  • Knit 13 sweaters: adult or baby doesn't matter, I'm shooting for 13 in 13
  • Finish some of my unfinished projects lying around: I have about five sweaters in various stages of completeness and a few accessories thrown around. I want to tie off these loose ends. Finish them if I'll wear them, frog them if I won't. Move on. 
  • Knit mostly from my stash: Nothing like moving three states over and packing up all your belongings will help you really put into perspective HOW MUCH yarn you have. My current count is six large rubbermade containers. I know enough about myself that I won't stop buying yarn. and I don't want to impose that restriction on myself, there will be a new yarn or a new project that need something I don't have. I know that. Plus it's not like I have tons of a sweaters worth of quantity or yarn thrown around. Now how many sweaters worth of yarn for a particular sweater pattern I have, that's another story! (current count: 6) But I want to do more with what I have, and that means looking hard at using the resources I have. So, knit through the stash. Do more with less. Realize that I don't always need to go out and find a new yarn, that sometimes I can modify and adjust to fit things I already have. Be open to this. Be aware of this. That's what I'm striving for.
  • Keep designing: I thought of setting a goal of design this many things, or submit this many things for publication. But I realized more than anything else. I want to keep thinking like a designer. Be inspired by the things around me, continue to create, continue to see possibility all around. I know if I do those things, I'll keep producing things. 
So here's to a new year and new things. I'm glad to look back on last year and see how much I WAS able to do and create. But 2012 was a sucky year for me, and I'm excited to put it behind me. Remembering to be more patient, and kind, and honest and open and responsible and reliable into 2013.


  1. Happy, happy birthday!! And 2012 wasn't a total wash - we met each other. That plus the awesome projects you completed means 2013 is officially set up for success!

  2. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday! I know you'll kick 2013 in the pants!