Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Presents

By now hopefully everyone has had a chance to celebrate their respective holidays, spend time with their loved ones and open their presents. Most people I have talked to mentioned that they tried to keep their holidays simple or scaled down this year. Whether from saving money, avoiding consumerism or focusing on minimizing the stuff in our lives, simplicity seems to be an abundant theme. I tried to focus this year on making most of the gifts I gave and now that they have been opened I will be able to share them in the coming weeks!

My favorite gift I received this year was handmade as well, and comes with quite a back story. I knit the McCarren Park Cap for myself out of leftover yarn from my Beatnik Sweater. A slouchy hat with a double layer moss stitch brim and two adorable fabric buttons. I even had some extra yarn left over that I planned on making some cute ruffle socks with. I love the idea of having a matched set!

On the first day that I wore this hat I left it on the bus accidentally. Many calls later to the lost and found number of the CTA I finally admitted it to myself that it was gone forever. To add insult to injury I hadn't even taken pictures of it before it was lost to the world.  I had never lost a handmade item before and didn't realize just how devastating it could be to lose something you've made. It was a sad sad few weeks for my head. I even drew a picture of myself wearing it for my empty raverly project page. I just couldn't take the sadness of a blank photo spot.

Fortunately, my sadness was short lived. When Allyson drew my name for The Sweatshop of Love Secret Santa she knew exactly what she was going to make me. The best part of all of this was I had NO IDEA she was making it for me. I was truly surprised and delighted by my secret santa gift. She even managed to put flower buttons I would have picked out for myself.

It's been keeping my head warm since I got it although I haven't needed it much with this lovely warm weather we've been having here in Chicago! I hope that you recived at least one gift that brought you joy and surprise. I'm very excited to start a new year and all of the new and exciting projects it will bring.

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