Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yarn Garage

On my trip home to Minneapolis my mother and I decided that the time had come to visit the yarn garage.

Located on 35th and Chicago, a mere four blocks away from my parents house it is exactly what it's name implies. A garage sized space FILLED with yarn.

It's literally wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Almost what yarn dreams are made of.

There are knit items EVERYWHERE. Tons of sweaters, sample projects, knit art projects. All kinds of crazy stuff.

My favorite was this knit wedding cake (!!!) Madness of knitting!

I also loved this alpaca, adorned in knit wear, welcoming you when you walk in. There was a class/meet going on when we were there. I got to meet Steven Be. Everyone there was so friendly and so helpful. Definitely one of the most inviting yarn shop/workshops I've ever been to. If your around Minneapolis be sure to stop in sometime, it's a yarn adventure!

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  1. I think I need new glasses because I thought the header to this post was the "YAM Garage"! Yarn Garage makes much more sense.