Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 Round Up

2013 was a rough and transitional year for me personally and professionally and I can see that reflected in my finished knit projects for the year. 

In 2013 I knit: 
4 hats
3 sweaters
2 cowls
4 baby sweaters
2 pairs of arm warmers
2 baby blankets
1 baby dress 

For a grand total of:
 18 Knit Items. 

Compared to the 25 I  knit last year that's 7 less projects. I've also made a TON of baby stuff this year (people in my life are having babies like crazy.) I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon, so I expect my list next year will have just as much baby stuff on it.  

I'm hesitant to set a specific number goal for next year. I can say that I would like to be be knitting MORE. 

I also have quite a few projects that I have started that I would like to finish. Currently I have 3 sweaters on the needles in different stages of completion, so I'd like to tie up those lose ends. 

I plan on knitting more for the holidays next year, and hopefully designing a few of my own items. I don't really have a specific direction I'm traveling except to know that I'd like to do MORE. 

As much as I'm focusing on MORE I also want to continue to do more with what I already have, so continue to look for knitting out of the stash and hopefully checking some selfish sweaters off the list for myself. 

Here's to a new year (almost a month in!) and lots of new projects on the horizon. 


  1. Happy New Year, Lily! I'm excited to see where your knitting takes you. I love your designs. I'm always inspired by the fact that Romp Around the Clock was a first design! That blows me away. I think that bright blue romper was why I subscribed to Holla Knits. I still haven't made one, but I could not get over the cuteness. I'm hoping I'll make one this summer, now that I'm actually knitting warm weather knits.
    I hope this new year is a wonderful one for you!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I'd love to see what your romper would look like! You'd have a lot more chances to wear it there than I do here in Minnesota!