Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas Round Up: Shark Scarf

My nephew. (Cutest nephew in the world) is really into sharks. Like REALLY into sharks. When his mother asked him what he wanted for Christmas this year his response was: Shark Boat. (if you have any idea what that means, you're a step ahead all of us.) 

photographic evidence of his cuteness. 

When I found Rian Anderson's Shark Scarf I knew I was in business. This was a fun and fast knit. I banged most of the body out at our all day family a-thon Thanksgiving celebration. 

Once I added on the teeth and eyes it got EVEN CUTER.

Over all, a smashing success. I choose not to put the side gills on because I was short on time. But it's still so stinking cute wrapped around that already adorable neck.

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