Friday, June 4, 2010



We have socks! An adorable sassy orange. Just in time for summer time in Chicago..... I figure that I'll just knit everything off season, sweaters and socks in the summer. Light clothing in the winter. Or maybe I should just knit year round regardless of the season- I think that might be a plan easier to stick to.

These socks were fairly easy to knit up. I also switched between socks as I was learning different sections so I knit them almost at the same time, which kept me from the dreaded second slump. It always seems easier to make the first of something than the second. I've definitely got the sock bug, I've got a skein of self striping yarn waiting for me in my yarn basket already and I'm about half way through into a pair for my husband.

I'm so excited to start experimenting with different types of sock yarn. I also have a sneaking suspicion that some of these soon to come socks will end up on the Christmas list this year.

its never too early to start planning ahead!

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