Monday, April 12, 2010

flash dance

Although I have been knitting hats for years the idea of starting a project on double pointed needles terrified me. I was always intimated to try and cast onto three or four needles. I'm a surprisingly timid knitter- i don't feel comfortable trying lot of new things and I'm really nervous following patterns, it just puts me on edge. One of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage myself to try out new things.

I've realized that I need to learn how to cast on and knit on double pointed needles for quite awhile now if I ever want to learn how to make socks. (I'm planning on taking a sock class at loopy in May- hopefully with my knitting partner in crime, Janella!)

All of this brings us to my first project knit in the round exclusively on double pointed needles. I watched some youtube videos to get an idea of how to begin and have a few mess up along the way, but once I had all my stitches joined it was a breeze. I also added the stripping just to keep it interesting.

Here they are flat. I ran out of red yarn on the second one so the stripe pattern doesn't match. I think it give them character and they're a present for a person with a lot of character so it works.

Here they are on. I made them for my friend Nishi who always has a problem keeping her ankles warm in class so I thought they would well.

They are a nice medium weight wool, and in fun colors too. Next time I make leg warmers I will add some decreases to them to create a little shape. These are simply straight tubes. If they were to go any higher you would want them to be more fitted. Over all though, they were enjoyable and a nice learning project.

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