Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Just working on a small toe up sock. If these look familiar its because I've already knit them before! This is my second pair of Twin Cities Anklet Socks I'm making. With an adorable ruffle around the edge and interesting (but not hard) double moss stitch these baby's are a breeze. It doesn't hurt that they are also knit from the toe up which always makes me feel like they are going so much faster!

It feels great to get my hands on some cotton again, for this project I'm using one of my favorite's Knit Picks Comfy Sport. I'll also be using its cousin, Comfy Fingering for a SOL Knit Along soon (more on that next week!). It feels great to start working on lighter, summer projects out of cotton, although have no fear - I still have lots of wool floating around the house and I'm getting started on some winter knitting already.

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