Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lifes a Knitstorm

It's been a busy busy holiday season. By my count in the last two weeks I have made: 6 scarves and 8 hats. busy bee's.

Here's a small collection of the goods.

Unfortunately my scattered knitting brain forgot to take photos of some of them. I made a beautiful collection of scarves for my nieces that didn't quite make it into the camera and a set of hats for some friends in Seattle that settled for the same fate.

Our pacific northwest vacation has been flying by smoothly. Its been a joy to relax and see friends and family. Tonight we leave my in-laws house in Snohomish and head into Seattle to visit with friends until we take our early morning flight on New Years day. Then it's back to our land locked city- luckily I have lots more projects on the docket.

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